Welcome to Bodhicitta Chiropractic

Are you or your child struggling with chronic health challenges?

  • Has your child been diagnosed with autism?
  • Is your child struggling in school?
  • Is anxiety crippling your child or yourself?
  • Have you seen specialist after specialist with no results?
  • Do you or a loved one suffer from depression?
  • Are you struggling with constant low energy?
  • Does it feel like the stress is just too much to handle?
  • Are you worried about your child’s future?

Our office is focused on helping people with chronic physical and mental health challenges get well and children suffering with neurodevelopmental challenges experience much better health, function and quality of life.

Our Doctors

Dr. Tony Ly

Dr. Tony Ly


Hello! My name is Dr. Tony Ly and I am delighted to be here in Tustin, CA.

I grew up in North Orange County, and graduated from University of California, Irvine. I enjoy playing pickleball, golf, bouldering, and bowling. After working in an office environment for a few years, I decided that was not where I wanted to be. There has always been a fascination with the human body and its ability to heal and perform at peak physical levels. I was introduced to a chiropractor who gave me more insight about how the body can achieve that, and after hearing all the amazing stories from her patients, I was inspired to become a chiropractor.